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Jonathan Mitchell

The DCFR outline edition (which doesn't include the comments and notes) is now available on the iTunes store for download at €4.99 to iPhone or iPod Touch: the first time I have ever seen a substantial legal text being so marketed, and oddly at a third of the price of the pdf edition, which was formerly free.

Some corrections: Laura McGregor's report was 'for', not 'by', the 'Scottish Government', not the 'Scottish regional government'. As an academic report submitted to government, it does not represent a government point of view.

However, the Scottish Law Commission (also non-government) has suggested including the DCFR in its eighth law reform programme; It says this:
"It has been suggested to us that in the commercial community the Scots law of contract is not well understood and that in some commercial circles there is a tendency to favour the use of the English rather than the Scots law of contract. It has further been suggested to us that this problem could be overcome, in part at least, if the principles of the Scots law of contract were to be set out in a statutory code based on the DCFR. If Scotland were to adopt a contract code based on the draft, it is likely that we would be seen as a leader in European legal development, and those outside Scotland might regard Scots contract law as accessible, modern and user-friendly."

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