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Dennis Flock

Here is a terrible story/scandal that has been hushed up in Sweden, it´s concerning Authorities in Kronoberg, Växjö and

Ljungby, and swedish Media is hushed up too.

In July 2009 took Sweden over the chairmanship of the European Union, and in September 2009 a large
conference is planned in Kronoberg and Växjö with over 500 delegates representing most of the member states.

With regard to the fact that the “investigation” was instigated in Växjö and the whole story revolving around

authorities in Kronoberg it would be inappropriate that this horrible and shameful account should be drawn to the

attention of the Public in all of the EU member states, and especially embarrassing for The Swedish State, Kronoberg,

Växjö Council and others directly involved.

Here is the shameful story:

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