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Finland or finns are actually
under swedish or illuminati govern.
Small group of swedes live in Finland and control almost anything.
All political parties and politicians must ovey this swedish 'teror' in Finland.
This has lasted hundreds of years.
Our country has always been divided by Sweden and Russia, except last century- and now EU is deleting our democracy again. It is likely that swedes start ruling Finland again?

Finns are kept ignorant about everything- media tells us nothing.

This is horrible.

Hundereds of thousands of messages about swedeish party in Finland, RKP-SFP has disappeared from internet, and blogs demanding rights for finns are banned or stopped.
I beleieve that finns are harassed if they dare to resist swedish people in Finland.

EU makes this all worse, because EU is nazi-politics, freemason elite politcs?

Immigration is done against will of finns, and immigrants are living with finns, never sent to aras where swedes live. So also this can be understtod as swedish racism against finns.

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