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i live in malmo sweden.i have residence card for five year.and i am job less at the moment.two month ago i found a job in copenhagen 37 hours a week.employer make me a contract and he was happy if i do the job.because i have alot of exprience in cleaning work.and copenhagen is only 30min from my home.but they refused my application because i am non eu national.and they said i should move to copenhagen then i can work or if any employer pay me 375000dkk a year.then i can wife is working in copenhagen because she is british citizen.and she support me and we have one son.i read every where its free movment in eu but its only for eu nationals.not for residence cardholders.i think eu have to make a good labour laws.amount should be lower than 375000 dkk.i dont think labour employer going to pay this.danish government laughs on labour saying this eu commission should think about labour.because labour is labour.

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