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Mélanie Fourret

Free movement of people is good for economies and for the people themselves.

To destroy a old stereotype: Don't think that people leave their country hoping to never come back... they want to go home, to be next to their family or property. The day esatern European countries' economy boost up, you'll see who begs for much needed manpower.

Political debate tend to scapegoat foreigners for everything.... it's easy when you do don't have a proper integration policy allowing foreigners to integrate smoothly. You can go on playing the blame game for ever. Since free movement of workers in a reality we cannot escape in the EU, I just think that we need to start focusing on integrating this labour. This is the logical issue to tackle, and we are already failing it.
I am not pessimist but in this field I fear politicians will continue to fail us. The consequence is increased discrimination and the destruction of the social Europe which is, to my opinion, the only way to let the European project live on.

Time to work on integration policies!

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